# Get going with your service center

This guide aims to describe the steps to get you going as a service center in HUNT Cloud.

Service agreements defines a services center and regulates how services are provided, billed and controlled. Read more about the services agreement in our agreement section.

# 1. Decide where your services center should be located

There is no direct cost associated with the establishment of a services center since invoices are sent directly to data spaces for services consumed in their lab.

However, the services center is formally responsible for cost accumulated among their attached data spaces. Therefore, services agreements needs to be signed by a formal role in your organization, such as head of centers, departments, faculties, divisions or roles in your central management.


For NTNU, Services centers are located at the Department level with Deputy Head of Department for Research as the center leader.


# 2. Forward required services agreement information to HUNT Cloud

We need a few bits of information to prepare your agreement:

  • Download the "HUNT Cloud Services Agreement Form" on your local computer (right click on the link and select "Save Link As...")
  • Open the text file in Notepad, Word or a similar application and supply the required information. Field descriptions are included in the "Clarification of the form fields" under the link above.
  • Save the text file on your local computer and send ut the file from the data controller section of our service desk.


For NTNU, the Services center leader is your Deputy Head of Department for Research, and we recommend your scientific adviser as the Administrative coordinator. Signatory official is your Head of Department.

# 3. Sign the services agreement

We will send you the services final agreement by email as a PDF-file after we receive the required information:

  • Coordinate signing with the signatory official in your organization and return to us by email.
  • We will add our countersignature and send you the active agreement for archiving.

Your data services agreement is signed, sealed and delivered. You have now paved the way for scientists to manage the remaining agreement levels. Celebrate with more coffee and proudly pass the torch to your scientific leaders to get going with their data spaces.

Last Updated: 3/29/2023