# Cloud community

All lab users and lab coordinators are invited to participate in our online cloud community. The intention is to enable scientists on all levels with a place to say hello to each other, ask for help when needed, and provide help to others when they can.

# Slack as Digital café

We use Slack (opens new window) as our digital café. Conceptually, we see the various Slack channels as our digital café tables where we meet at different tables to discuss specific topics in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

# Invitations

All lab users and lab coordinators are invited to Slack as part of their onboarding. Contact us if you are an active lab users or lab coordinator and need a new invitation.

# Tables

All labs gets their own private table (lab channel) where all lab users for that particular lab are invited. Here you can meet and discuss both scientific and technical topics, help each other out with issues and reach us at the HUNT Cloud for both questions and banter.

We have also reserved a set of community tables where you can meet users from other lab and discuss specific topics that is relevant for you. These channels are dynamic, and topics will vary over time with what's feels relevant within the community.

Suggest a new table topic

Missing a topic that's relevant for you? Do not worry. We are happy to add new tables. Reach us at your lab table and suggest the topic close to your heart.

# Join a community table

Click in the search bar at the top of your Slack page and type community to see a list of all community tables. Click on any topic that you think might be relevant for you and join the channel.


# Leave a community table

To leave a table, click on the channel topic at the top of the Slack page (for example #community-random) and click the "Leave channel" button.

# Tone of voice

We are truly proud of the warm and welcoming tone that our scientists brings to the cloud community. Needless to say when we meet from a wide range of scientific fields and heterogeneous backgrounds, all dialogue are to happen with care and respect.

# Communication options

Slack holds the option of three main ways to communicate. You are free to utilize them all: (1) text chat at all tables, (2) video calls at your lab table (click on the member button in the upper right corner and choose "Start a Call"), and (3) voice chat and screen share at your lab table (click on the ear phone icon in the lower left part of your screen to start a "Huddle").

# Compliance

The cloud community is part of HUNT Cloud / NTNU's Slack subscription. All data is stored in EU in accordance with GDPR, and Slack Inc. is listed as a subcontractor in our subcontractors list.

# All

# #cloud-community

This is our main community table where all lab users, lab coordinators and data space coordinators gets invited. We post announcements and notifications, tingweek information, and response information when services gets affected.

# Methods

# #community-ai-ml

Café table reserved for AI/ML related topics.

# #community-epidemiology

Café table reserved for epidemiology dialogues.

# #community-genomics

Café table reserved for all kinds of genomics topics.

# For coordiantors

# #community-coordination

Café table reserved for data space and lab coordinator topics.

# Tools

# #community-tools

Café table reserved for general dialogue on analytical tools.

# #community-gpu

Café table reserved for GPU dialogues.

# #community-rstudio

Café table for R and Rstudio dialogues.

# #community-stata

Café table for R and Stata dialogues.

# Others

# #community-music

Café table reserved for music dialogues.

# #community-random

Café table reserved for random banter.


# Q/A