# FAQ on data management

This page list frequently asked questions on data management.


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# Data access

# What happens with a user's data when the user is deactivated in a lab?

All data that is uploaded or generated by lab users in thei lab is under the controll of the Lab leader's organization. This includes data in the user's home folder. When lab access is deactivated for a lab user, then Lab leader and/or Data space leader can ask HUNT Cloud to change ownership and permissions of such data to allow other lab users to access the data.

# Can all users access all data in a lab?

Yes, principally. Practically, maybe. On the home-machine, all lab users can by default access all folders on the collaborative data volumes: /mnt/archive, /mnt/work /mnt/scratch and /mnt/cargo. Lab users may add individually restrictions to files or folders they upload or generate, although such separation is not guaranteed by us. When needed, we recommend to separate user access by establishing separate labs labs rather than to separate data in folders inside a lab.