# VPN certificate reset

This guide describes how to reset your VPN certificate and passphrase required to access your lab when you receieve your shipments from the VPN certificate reset order.

# Requirements

Shipments from the VPN certificate reset order

  1. Your new VPN certificate and VPN profile sent over Filesender.no
  2. Your new VPN passphrase and your ZIP file key sent over Signal.

Software already installed in your initial lab onboarding:

  1. VPN software already installed (if not, head over to our Getting started guide to install the VPN software.
  2. A working Google authenticator application on your phone that provid time-based VPN verification codes (if not, you can order Google authenticator key reset in our service desk).

# Download and unpack the certificate

We will communicate your VPN certificate over your organizational email. You will receive a link to an encrypted file archive (7z-file).

  • Click on the link in the email to download the file and save this on your local machine.
  • Unpack (extract) the file with your favorite file archiver software that recognize the 7z format (opens new window) (see below).
  • Use the key named ZIP file key from your Signal transfer to decrypt the 7-zip archive.

Decryption guides

Click on these links for installation guidance if your current software don't recognize the 7z-format: Windows (opens new window), mac (opens new window), linux (opens new window).

OS X and macOS: The default archive utility will not recognize the passphrase of 7z files. You will need to install 7z-compatible software from the link above.

# Remove the old VPN certificate

You will need to remove your old VPN certificate and passwords before you install a new one.

  1. Right click on the OpenVPN icon in the task bar in the lower right corner of your screen and select Clear Saved Passwords
  2. Open your file explorer and manually remove the folder with the old OpenVPN configurations. It's usually located here:
  1. Right click on the OpenVPN icon once more and Import from file from the Connect to the VPN section of our Getting started guide.

# Setup the new VPN profile

Follow the Setup the VPN profile section of our "Getting started" guide.

# Connect to the VPN

Follow the Connect to the VPN section of our "Getting started guide".

# Verify your VPN connection

Follow the Verify your VPN connection section to verify a successful VPN connection as your will not be able to log into your lab until the VPN is working.

# Troubleshooting

Contact us in your Slack lab table if you experience trouble with installation and suggestions on how to improve this guide..