# Workbench certificate request

This section describes how you can request your Workbench certificate and how to verify that you received all you need before you start your installation.

# Prepare to receive your certificate

After you have sent us Workbench access request, ensure that you have installed and activated the Signal app on your phone so we can quickly forward your certificate when they are ready.

# Verify your certificate

Similar to your initial onboarding, we will send you a link to your certificate over your organizational email and your keys over Signal.

  1. On your phone you should expect an image with your certificate passphrases from phone number +47 91001893. This number is registered at NTNU. The text should include your TLS certificate.

  2. On email you should expect a link to one (1) compressed file:

Expect these files on your local machine

A successful opening of the 7z-file file should include two (2) files:

  • <labname>-<your-username>.p12 - your TLS certificate.
  • <labname>-<your-username>.mobileconfig - your OS X and MacOS configuration file.

When you have successfully received your certificate, head over to our Workbench installation guide to finalize your setup.