# FAQ on prices

This page list frequently asked questions related to the pricing of services in HUNT Cloud.


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# Data space subscriptions

# Who decide which subscription level we can utilize?

You. The decision to choose a WHITE, ORANGE or BLUE subscription level is fully up to you and your data space leader. Head over to the services overview to see the differences between them.

# Why is the BLUE subscription only one year?

While both the WHITE and ORANGE subscriptions can be reserved for three years, we have kept the BLUE subscription to one year only. The reason behind this is lack of experience in pricing the additional features that are available on this level. As soon as our accuracy increase, we aim to make longer reservations available.

# Compute

# Are entry machines metered?

No. Entry machines are the machines we use to control the user management and security updates in individual labs. These are mandatory and the cost is included in lab subscription fees. You should -not- include the cost for these machines in your price calculator estimates.

# Can we upsize a commitment machine with on-demand resources?

Yes, that's the aim. We acknowledge that you may have a need for increased computational resources in periods of the year, and that one convenient setup would be to upsize your home machine for such compute efforts. Our aim is to allow such upgrades.

# How do we ensure that on-demand machines are deactivated when not needed?

On-demand resources runs until a deactivation notice from the a lab user. To save cost, contact us for deactivation when the machine is no longer needed. The meter stops the day we get the notification.

# Storage

# Which terabyte price will each lab pay for their storage?

In short, each lab pay the mean terabyte price for your data space. This price to automatically incorporate your data space volume discount. For details, see the meter, cost and billing section under the Store chapter in the services specification and the Store section in the price list, or test for yourself in the price calculator.

# Why is one terabyte the minimum storage allocation?

In short, we try ensure a consistent storage performance by linking usage to the overall system capacity. One of these controls is to ensure that the total number of spinning disks scale with the need for increased input/output operations of actual use. The one terabyte minimum allocation helps us to achieve this.

# Billing

# Can we file several invoice profiles for our data space?

Data spaces on the WHITE and ORANGE subscription level are billed on the same invoice profile. Data spaces on the BLUE subscription level can file one to many invoice profiles for individual billing of labs.

# When will you bill for the services that we consume?

In short, you should expect the initial invoice for data space subscriptions, lab subscriptions and 1Y/3y commitments of machines and storage to be sent days of your first lab deployment. Other resources will be combined into one invoice expected to be sent quarterly. Billing details for each service is specified in the services specification under the "Billing" sections.