# Introduction to pricing

This page gives you an introduction to our prices. Your total cost will include a combination of fixed subscription costs and flexible costs for attached individual services such as storage and computation.

Pricing calculator

Head over to our pricing calculator to estimate the cost for your scientific environments.

# Context

# Background

Our passion is to inspire scientists to elevate data for a better world. To do so, we have chosen to spend our time developing digital tools for your quest. Money is a means towards this goal - not an end. We are part of a public university that runs these services with zero profit.

# Overview

Your total cost will include a combination of fixed subscription costs and running costs for the resources your attached to your labs. The fees across all labs inside one data space are summarized and billed to the data spaces' billing accounts.

# Supporting documents

The information should be read together with the services specifications that details the services that are included in the price list. And the price list that details the prices of individual service units.

# Subscriptions

Data spaces and labs are deployed as subscription services that are prices for one year or three years.

# Data space

You will need an active data space subscription to add a lab subscription.

Commitment length: 1 YEAR 3 YEAR
WHITE data space yes yes
ORANGE data space yes yes
BLUE data space* yes no

*) The BLUE data space subscription level was introduced 1 July 2021. The subscription level includes access to highly affordable BLUE machines. We are awaiting longer commitments until we have improved user data for long term price calculations.

# Lab

And you need and active lab subscription to allocate individual services inside a lab.

Commitment length: 1 YEAR 3 YEAR
Lab yes yes

# Individual services

# Compute

Individual compute services are priced as both one or three years prepaid COMMITMENT machines and pay-as-you-go ON-DEMAND machines that are priced per day. In addition, the BLUE data space subscription level may allocated BLUE machines that at a reduced price on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Service meter for machines: 1 YEAR 3 YEAR DAILY
COMMITMENT machines yes yes yes
ON-DEMAND machines* no no yes
BLUE machines* no no yes

*) Minimum allocation of 30 days.

GPU accelerators may be added to the COMMITMENT and ON-DEMAND machine types. The cost of the GPU accelerators are added to the chosen machine type cost.

# Store

The total number of terabytes are summarized across all labs attached to one data space (billing account). We use this combined storage allocation to calculate the price tiers. The effect is that your terabyte price drops as your data grows. Storage may be consumed as prepaid one or three years COMMITMENT storage, or as a daily pay-as-you-go cost for ON-DEMAND storage. Prepaid and on-demand storage may be combined within data spaces and labs. Free quota or pilot period storage are not included in the terabytes used in the calculations.

# Others

# Metering

The metering sections in the services specifications specify how individual service units in the price lists are are measured (metered).

# Costs

The cost sections in the services specifications reference the price list and specify how costs are calculated for individual service units when they are adjusted over the service period.

# Billing

The billing sections in the services specifications specify when fees are billed. Fees are billed to billing accounts under one data spaces. Data spaces on the BLUE subscription level may include separate billing accounts to their labs.

Data space subscription level: WHITE ORANGE BLUE
One billing account yes yes yes
Multiple billing accounts no no yes