# Administrative roles in HUNT Cloud

Each data space appoints scientific administrators to the following key responsibility areas: compliance, data, technology, training and finance. These individuals are the point of contact for lab users in the data space and us when it comes to administrative issues and improvements.

The goals for the development of these roles are to simplify knowledge transfers for key areas between labs within one data space, to bridge knowledge transfers between scientific administrators across data spaces, to structure feedback on our administrative activities, and to jointly develop and identity and champion the importance of scientific administrators in high-impact data-driven science.

Your scientific administrators are named in your data space order. All administrators are invited to the data space ting.

# Data space roles

# Compliance administrator

The compliance administrator orchestrate issues related to agreements, and security and privacy evaluations. In addition, this individual acts as deputy for other contacts when needed, including the data space leader.

The activities includes agreements related to the data space, including as the data space agreement, individual lab orders, external kista forms, as well as dialogue on contractual development and other improvements.

The activities also includes coordination of compliance evaluations such as ethical approvals, privacy assessment (DPIA) and security assessments (RAR/ROS) for scientific activities in the labs under your data space.

# Data administrator

The data administrator is the point of contact for issues related to data handling for labs inside the data space. This includes coordination and dialogue on topics such as transfers, quality assurance, archiving and preservation of data.

# Technical administrator

The technical administrator is our point of contact for issues related to the cloud services, such as storage and compute resources and analytical tools and software. This includes coordination and dialogue on topics such as configurations, adjustments, maintenance for labs under the data space, as well as development and piloting of new tools.

# Training administrator

The training administrator is our point of contact for the spread of knowledge and expertise between lab users within the individual labs in your data space on topics related to onboardings, common configurations, practical analytics, data space routines etc. This also include dialogues with us and other training administrators on user experience within your labs and how we best can evolve user documentation and other educational tools.

# Financial administrator

The financial administrator is the point of contact related to financial aspects of the cloud services. This includes dialogues on subscriptions and current and predicted resource consumption within labs, including services such as compute and storage, as well as dialogue on related to quotes and invoices for planned and consumed activities for labs in the data space.

# Lab roles

# Lab coordinator

Each lab to appoint their own lab coordinator in addition to the data space wide roles above. The lab coordinator supports the lab leader in activities related to the lab across all areas above, and may be the used as the point of contact for both us and the data space administrators. The lab coordinator do also act as deputy for the lab leader when needed and the individual is authorized to request and adjust resources in the lab.

Last Updated: 4/25/2024