# Welcome back

This page is aimed at lab users that needs to pick up their thread after some time away from their lab.

We know, science has its natural cycles and seasons for courses, grants, supervision, publishing, celebrations and so forth. We have our seasons too, with time for breaks, work sprints, parental leaves, caring for family members etc.

It's normal to not remember where you left off, and quickly picking up the threads when you get back is important. Our aim for this page is to get you back in your lab so you can quickly click around to get reacquainted with your data, scripts and thinking again.

# Are you able to access your lab?

First thing first, we need to get you into your lab so you can do your science.

# No, I'm not able to get in

Worry not, let's get you in. Lab users that are inactive for 180 days will automatically be deactivated for security reasons. If so, we will need a lab user reactivation request from your lab leader or lab coordinator in our service desk:

Service desk - User reactivation

Ask your lab leader or lab coordinator to send us a new user agreement. Contact us on email or Slack if you don't remember who's your lab leader or lab coordinator. You will get new keys and further guides on how to get in once the request is registered and your new keys are ready.

# Yes, but I forgot everything

Worry not if your account is active but you have forgotten your passwords and/or how to log in.

# New computer

If you have a new local computer since your last visit, see our new computer guide to get going.

# New location

If you are abroad and accessing your lab from a new location, you may need to request VPN access link opening in our Service desk.

# New password

Passwords are easy to forget when you have been away for a while. Note that there is no button named "I forgot my password" in service desk. Rather, you will need to request a SSH passphrase reset in Service desk. This will reset your lab password that you use both in Workbench and when your log in over SSH.

# New Workbench certificate

Your Workbench certificate expire after some time, and then you will need to install a new one. You can request a Workbench certificate reissue in Service desk. You will get a tailored access link with information on how to get up and running.

# Remind me

# Organization at a glance

# Located in Norway

Your lab is hosted on a virtual machine that is located on a physical machine located in one of HUNT Cloud's data centers in Norway.

# Shared resources

Inside your lab you share storage and resources with your lab team.

# Tailor your tools

You have your own Workbench where you can install your own software package, preferably with Conda. See our Getting started with Workbench-guide.

# Storage folders

Your Workbench and lab is set up with three default storage folders: work, archive and scratch. Data here is shared among your team. Use scratch for temporary files, archive for long term data, and work for your day-to-day activities. Note that scratch and your home folder -do not- have restore (backup).

# What's new since last time

We continuously update our services. So, your Workbench or other things in your lab may look and feel a bit different since last time.

# Find new features in Patch notes

We publish our updates in Patch notes. This is a handy way to see what's changed.

# Your data should be the same

Rest assured that we never move or interfere with data inside your lab without the consent of your and/or your lab leader.

# Ask around

If you are unsure about what is going on in your lab, grab a coffee with your lab team or lab coordinator for an update. And feel free to contact us for an update or chat about on improvements since last time.

# Where can I get more information?

Our documentation pages (these web pages) is a good place to get started. Start in our Do science section and in our FAQs.

# Where can I get help?

We are always happy to get in touch and hear what is going on. The best way to reach us is through our Service desk and Slack.

# Service desk

We have Service Desk for the most common orders. This is the quickest way, but if none of these fit you can reach us in your lab channel on Slack or place a general request here

Last Updated: 5/27/2024