# Data safety levels

This is a holding page for our data safety levels (DSL) pilot program. DSL is our approach to a set of layered information security and privacy controls to allow for more science to be done among our scientists.


The DSL program will be discussed (and this page expanded) during the upcoming Tingweek #7 in October 2022.

# Why?

The goal is to allow our scientists the opportunity to work with even more data types and even larger data sets in even larger collaborations.

To allow for such flexibility we see a need to standardize the possibilities to adjust our security configurations and audit opportunities.

# What?

Our DSL approach is inspired by the biosafety levels (opens new window) for scientific lab work.

We aim to evolve a set of predictable information security and privacy controls that range from the lowest data safety level 2 (DSL-2) in HUNT Cloud to the highest at level 4 (DSL-4).

# How?

We plan to discuss the implementation plans and further details on the control sets during Tingweek #7 in October 2022.

Default lab configurations are of 1 August 2022 defined to be on DSL-2.

We are currently piloting DSL-3 measures in co-operation with selected data spaces and St Olavs Hospital. Our goal is that such environments may be available for labs in 2023.

# Get involved

Contact us is you would like to contribute to the development of the DSL program, or if you have data that you think may be in need of additional protection and suited for protection under DSL-3.

Last Updated: 4/25/2024