# FAQ on agreements

This page lists frequently asked questions related to administrative agreements in HUNT Cloud.


This section prosper on questions. Contact us with your wonders and burning topics so we can expand this page together.

# General questions

# Where do I start?

Welcome onboard! Your starting point depends on your role and organization. We have provided a step-wise guide on how to get going so you can jump directly into your section of choice. In short, you need to ensure that the data controller agreement is signed, sealed and delivered before you can sign a services center agreement and so forth. Contact us if you don't know where to start.

# Do I need all of the agreement layers?

Yes. All labs needs to be run under a complete agreement layer so we can ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations and certificates. We know, this is complex. Although on the bright side, it allows for a solid base to organize and grow your scientific activities.

# Why do you need all these agreement layers?

Our agreement structure has evolved over time to enable high variability in activities among many member organizations. We know, this is a mouthful if you need access to one lab only. However, once you get going with the terminology and structure we hope you will enjoy the flexibility. The layered structure is utilized both for governance, reporting, incentives and to comply with laws and regulations.

# Management

# Do you archive our agreements?

Yes. We keep copies of signed agreements for your environments. As a Data controller, Service center leader, Data space leader or Lab leader you may request copies of agreements under your tree structure to supplement your compliance work.

# Can I request a copy of our agreements?

Yes. We are happy to provide copies on your request. You may request a copy of the agreement under your control. Data controllers may request all agreements attached to their service centers, data spaces and labs. Data spaces may request agreements attached to their labs and so forth.

# Do you keep a record of our processing purposes?

Probably. We do keep records of broad processing purposed for each data controller. In addition, we do provide the possibility for Labs to submit individual processing purposes for processing in each Lab.

# Data processor agreement

# Can we use our own DPA template?

Yes. Your host organization may prefer to use their own data processing agreement (DPA) template. This is fine with us as long as the template is compliant with requirements set forth in GDPR and a set of security requirements that we are able to comply with. Note that this may need involvement from legal teams on both sides. Contact us for time estimates of such arrangements.

# Data space agreement

# Who is my Service center leader?

Data space agreements require that you list your Service center leader. The placement of this role will vary among organizations. At NTNU your Service center leader is typically the head of research at your department. Contact us for a quit clarification if you are unsure who to ask in your organization.

Name and roles within NTNU

Service centers inside NTNU are registered at the department levels. The naming and signatory are as follows:

services center name

  • Principle example: "ntnu-department-abbreviation"
  • Working example: ntnu-ism

services center signatory

  • Deputy Head of Department - Research ("Nestleder for forskning")

# Can I list the same individual on all data space roles?

Yes. We use the roles in the data space orders for targeted communication for the specific responsibility areas. Thus, they can be assigned to one or several individual.

# Can I leave the coordinator roles empty?

We use the roles to communicate information throughout the year. Thus, to allow such role specific communication to reach all data spaces, we will include the data space leader in any roles that are left blank on data the space agreement.

# Changes and negotiations

# Can I propose changes to your agreements?

Yes! We appreciate proposals on how to develop and improve our agreements. The templates we utilize today have evolved through dialogues and feedback from both scientists and lawyers from our member organizations. Note that we see such changes as cooperative improvements. Thus, adopted improvements will be made available to all member organizations in the cloud community.

# Can I negotiate changes to my agreements?

Maybe. We do allow elevation of security and privacy controls tailored for individual organizations or jurisdictions. We do not engage in bilateral bargaining with individual organizations for access to special resources, benefits or prices. We operate in a multilateral landscape where members from many organizations come together to advance digital explorations. Changes and improvements are seen as cooperative improvements and will be made available to all member organizations when adopted.

# Updates

# How can I update contact persons?

Data processor and services agreements: Forward your new contact information on email. We will use this information to update the appendix and return on email. Data spaces: Update your coordinator roles via our service desk. Fill in and forward a new data space order for updates of data space leaders. Labs: Fill in and forward a new lab order to update the lab leader and lab coordinator roles.

# How often do I need to update our running agreements?

Approximately every two years. Our aim is to update agreements on a two year cycle or when major updates or improvements are introduced. We will contact you when it's time for to update. The two year update cycle includes all agreements.

Last Updated: 3/29/2023