# Price list

This page lists the prices for our cloud services. The price list is incorporated as an appendix to cloud services agreement, and costs are metered and billed in accordance with our services specifications.

Head over to our price calculator to tailor cost estimates for you desired configuration, or visit our price examples for commonly used configurations.

# Current


HUNT Cloud Price List (opens new window) (v4.1 PDF)

Machine readable version of current price list: The table below include a machine readable CSV of the current price list (v4). The PDF version holds precedence if discrepancies occur.

Content Type File
HUNT Cloud Price List (v4.1) PDF hunt-cloud-price-list-4-1.pdf (opens new window)
HUNT Cloud Price List (v4.1) CSV* hunt-cloud-price-list-4-1.csv (opens new window)

*) The current CSV version do not contain prices for transport services, hourly based services and tape services.

# Updates

The price list will be updated from time to time.

Major updates. Major updates affect prices and/or available services. Major updates are specified by increasing numbers (v1, v2, v3, etc.). These become effective ninety days after they are announcement to service centers and data spaces on email. The new version is immediately effective for new service centers.

Minor updates. Major updates do -not- affect prices and/or available services. Minor updates are specified by increasing decimals (v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, etc). Minor updates follow the effective date of major updates and take precedence of previous versions when they are published on this page.

# Archive

Version Announced Effective
HUNT Cloud Price List v4.1 (opens new window) (PDF) 2024-04-23 2024-04-23
HUNT Cloud Price List v4.0 (opens new window) (PDF) 2022-10-10 2023-01-10
HUNT Cloud Price List v3.2 (opens new window) (PDF) 2022-02-22 2022-02-22
HUNT Cloud Price List v3.1 (opens new window) (PDF) 2021-10-12 2021-10-12
HUNT Cloud Price List v3.0 (opens new window) (PDF) 2021-07-01 2021-10-01

# Changes

# HUNT Cloud Price list v4.1 (minor)

Compute updates

  • The new E-series machine type (default.e) is included with 16 GB of memory per vCPU.
  • A new GPU accelerator (NVIDIA A40) is included.

# HUNT Cloud Price list v4.0 (MAJOR)

The new prices are adjusted based on updated equipment cost, and evaluations of 2022 usage and rates for Q2-Q3 towards our initial cost-recovery estimates for our v3 price list.

Services updates

  • BLUE data space subscription open for 3Y commitment.
  • Compute CPU default machine types expanded with larger machine types.
  • Compute GPU types expanded with A100 40GB, A100 80GB and A30 24GB accelerators.

Price updates

  • Storage prices are increased with 1-2%.
  • Services subscriptions are increased about 4%.
  • Compute default machine type prices for COMMIT and ONDEMAND service levels are reduced compared to the v3 price list, up to 30% for memory intensive machine types.
  • Compute default machine types for the BLUE service level are increased up to 30% (mean 50% of 1Y COMMIT prices in v4 compared to 35% in v3).
  • Prices for external transport on WHITE subscription level removed.

# HUNT Cloud Price list v3.2 (minor)

  • Minor format updates.

# HUNT Cloud Price list v3.1 (minor)

  • GPU type in GPU table updated to machine readable names.
  • Document information with revision numbers included in PDF.
  • Machine readable version available on this page.

# HUNT Cloud Price list v3.0 (major)

  • First version published under the new services model.
Last Updated: 4/25/2024