# Contact us

"Victorian mailbox in red and yellow."

# General requests

Click the blue button to contact us for information, dialogues on how your science may prosper from our services, how to establish your first lab, how we protect your data etc. - or just to share the joy and excitement of data-driven science!

# Service desk for active users

Faster response

To speed up your answers and deliveries, check if your request is predefined in our service desks for do science, administer science and govern science.

# Cloud community for active users

Come join us at our community cafe (hunt-cloud.slack.com (opens new window)) to chat with lab users from other labs and us at HUNT Cloud. Click here to learn more.


Report ongoing data breach or data loss to soc@ntnu.no and phone 906 64 350 (opens new window).

# Threats and vulnerabilities

Report potential threats, vulnerabilities and adverse events by clicking the blue "Contact HUNT Cloud" button above.

Last Updated: 7/16/2024