# Labting

You will be invited to Labting three times per year. This is our allting where we meet to elevate the scientific user experiences in HUNT Cloud.


Read more about the Tingweek in our govern-science section.

"Old feather pen and letter seal."

# Why should you participate?

Science never sleeps. And no service will ever be perfect.

Join the Labting to voice your hard earned expertise to evolve the experience in HUNT Cloud for both yourself and others.

Both you and the next generation of scientists deserves exciting, cool and relevant environments to enhance our joint explorations.

# Background

Most products and services that you use in HUNT Cloud have come together as a collaborative effort between members of the cloud community and our HUNT Cloud team.

We arrange Tingweeks three times per year to meet for information, feedback and discussions on how to evolve HUNT Cloud to better elevate your science.

# Invitations

All active lab users, lab leaders and lab coordinators will get an invitation on the organizational email specified in your user agreement.

# Topics

We aim to cover a combination of relevant shifting topics and appointed topics that is repeated during each Ting, such as documentation, communication, service desk, working in your lab and similar.

# Location

Labtings are held digitally utilizing NTNU's Zoom subscription. Links are shared in the email invitation and will be shared on the cloud-community table in Slack on the same days as the meeting.

# Duration

Labting is held on Tuesday between 2-4 pm CET during the Tingweek.

The first hour is reserved for the agenda, while the second hour is reserved for unstructured dialogue.

You may choose to join and leave when you want. Some prefer to stay for fixed agenda, while others like to stay for the dialogue in the second hour.

Last Updated: 9/27/2023