# Lab access

This guide will help you to connect to your HUNT Cloud lab after your lab has requested access in our administer science service desk.

Save time

Install Signal as soon as your lab has sent us your signed user agreement. This allows us to quickly forward you the lab keys when they are ready.

The following steps will help you to invest time in your lab setup, all so you can enjoy simple and secure access for all your future connections:

  1. Collect your keys. This step ensures that you have all your keys and configuration files before your start to spend time on the setup.
  2. Configure your VPN connection. This step ensures an encrypted system connection to HUNT Cloud.
  3. Configure your SSH connection. This step ensures a connection to your lab.

Connecting from outside Norway?

If you are connecting from a location outside Norway, click here to add your IP to our VPN access list.

Time estimate

After you have collected your lab keys in step 1, allow for two hours to complete the remaining onboarding steps.

Last Updated: 7/16/2024