# Htop

Htop (opens new window) a top-like tool that can display information about the resource utilization in your lab machine.

# Installation

Log into your lab machine and install htop with the following code:

sudo apt install htop

# Run

To start htop, simply run:


Exist by htop by pressing character q on your keyboard.

# Examples

# Low utilization

Htop low stress

The above image shows a calm and low stress resource situation for a 8 CPU and 16 GB ram lab machine.

CPU The rows named 1 to 8 indicate the utilization of each CPU. The example shows utilization from 2.6 to 35.9 percentage, with a Load average (lower right quadrant) of 0.56.

Memory: The row named Mem shows that 5.04GB aout of 15.2 GB is used. This should allow for quick responses.

In low utilization cases, you may consider to downsize your lab machine.

# High utilization

Htop high stress

The above image shows a situation where all CPUs are fully utilized. This is an optimal state if you are running large-scale anlaytics. However, for home machines with many users such utilization may cause laggy user experiences.

In high utilization cases, you may limit your CPU and/or memory use to allow room for other users, run your processes with lower priority (opens new window), request a larger machine etc. Feel free to contact us for advice.

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Last Updated: 6/17/2024