# PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL (opens new window) is a relational database management system that can elevate your data handling.


This guide is for the managed PostgreSQL pilot service on home machines.

You can use this guide to connect to your installation if you have requested the setup and received a confirmation that the setup is completed.

# Set password

First you need to login over ssh and set your password using this command:

psql -c "\password"

# Connecting from Workbench

Once you have configured your password you can also login from Workbench Terminal:

psql --host=/var/run/postgresql

# Connecting through pgweb in Workbench

  • Host: /var/run/postgresql
  • Port: 5432
  • Username: use your username
  • Password: use password configured in the beggining of the guide
  • Database: same as username

Easiest way is to connect with Scheme URL:


# Installing Python connectors in Workbench

You can install psycopg2 using conda into py310 environment:

conda install -c conda-forge -n py310 psycopg2
Last Updated: 6/17/2024