# Technical administration FAQ

This FAQ is intended for technical administrators that administer activities across one to many labs inside a data spaces.


See our Administer science FAQ for supplemental administrative FAQ topics.

# Resources

# If we add a new lab to our data space, how will this affect our resource consumption?

Each new lab requires dedicated storage and compute resources since data and users are separated between the environments. Related to prices, you need to plan for one lab subscription, one lab machine and at least 1 terabyte storage for each lab.

# Can we share resources inside our data space?

To a certain extent. Each lab has individual allocations of compute and storage resources to keep data and use segregated for privacy and security measures.

# Can we share resources inside one of our labs?

Yes. Storage and compute resources are shared among all lab users inside the same lab. This means that all lab users can access all data and all compute resources inside the same lab.

Last Updated: 7/16/2024