# Compliance administration FAQ

This FAQ is intended for compliance administrators that administer activities across one to many labs inside a data spaces.


See our Administer science FAQ for supplemental administrative FAQ topics.

# Lab management

# How can we add a new lab to our existing data space?

In short, the compliance administrator sends us a signed lab order and coordinate signed user agreements between your lab leader and your individual lab users. Head over to our administrative service desk-pages for more information on the process.

# How can we split one lab into two labs?

As science grows inside your individual labs you may see the need to move part of this activity over to a new lab for example due to compliance issues separating data and lab users. Technically we don't split labs but add new ones. To add a new lab to your data space:

  • send us a new lab order and coordinate new lab user agreements between your lab leader and individual lab users in the new lab;
  • evaluate if you need to deactivate some users in your original lab after the move, and request user deactivation in your original lab if relevant.
  • consider how you will transfer data into your new lab, for example by ordering an internal kista from your original to your new lab.

# How can we move a lab to a different data space?

We may transfer the ownership of a lab under your data space to another data space both inside or outside your organization. Contact us on email for such moves. We will need a lab transfer order that is co-signed by all affected parties.

# Can we rename an existing lab?

No. You can not rename an existing lab at the moment. However, you can register a new lab under your preferred name and migrate your data and activities over to this new name space.

# Must our lab name be linked to a research project?

No. You are free to choose your lab name independent of your scientific activities.

# Can I choose a lab name that is similar to an already established lab?

No. We would like our lab name spaces to be unique. This is both to help your lab branding and to ease our internal communication. Thus, we may from time to time ask you to think up a new name when you file your lab order if we already have another lab registered under the exact same name.

# How can we delete one of our labs?

Lab deletions are authorized by Data space leaders and documented in a lab deletion order that is co-signed by both the data space leader and respective lab leader. All data and machines in the lab will be irrevocably destroyed in this process, and neither data nor machines can be recreated.

# Contract management

Head over to our dedicated FAQ on agreements.

# Risk management

Head over to our dedicated FAQ on risk management.

Last Updated: 6/17/2024