# Scientific access

This page provides a guide for scientific centers and groups that want to enable HUNT Cloud resources for their data scientists.

Cut to the chase

Click here to jump directly to the service orders that need to be in place before you can onboard your scientists to HUNT Cloud.

# Background

We have five agreement layers in HUNT Cloud (illustration below). This guide covers Data space orders and Lab orders that need to be in place before you can onboard your scientists and data explorers.

"Illustration of five agreement layers in HUNT Cloud with data processor agreements and service center agreements highlighted with a red frame since they are placed on the organizational level."

Organizational access

You scientific access agreements are attached to your organizations access agreements. Thus, your department or organization need to activate organizational access to HUNT Cloud before you can start your scientific onboarding. Contact us if need guidance on how to start your organizational onboarding.

# Service orders

Data space orders and Lab orders are formally attached to your organization's Service center agreement as Service orders. These orders defines the type of services you request and those at your side that are responsible for services.

# Data space order

A Data space in HUNT Cloud is the administrative unit that coordinate scientific activities across one or many labs. The aim is to simplify your management.

Your Data space is the management account where your labs and their attached services are managed, controlled and billed. A Data space subscription is therefore required before individual labs and services can be ordered.

Your Data space does also identify your management team that we interact with to ensure smooth activities across your labs, and your Data space subscription level defines the service level that is available to the labs under your control.

Data space order resources

# Lab order

A Lab in HUNT Cloud is a digital environment (laboratory) where your scientists access their scientific tools and resources for storage, computation and transport. You may attach one to many labs under your Data space.

By default, a lab consists of a security framework that we control and a home machine where your scientists can store data and run analysis.

Your lab leader or lab coordinator chooses the initial size of the home machine and the initial storage you want to start with. From there they can adjust the machine size, add additional machines, and expand the storage resources throughout the project period.

Lab order resources

# Decision support

There are a set of small decisions that needs to be made to get the first lab up and running.

We recommend that you set aside 30 minutes to fill out the for fields in the "HUNT Cloud Scientific Access Bundle" below. The bundle contains the following elements:

  1. Data space order
  2. Invoice profile
  3. Lab order

Attach a Lab to an already active Data space

If you already have an active Data space, you can skip this section and request your new lab directly in our administer science service desk.

Data space order decision support

Service center

Find your Service center name

Contact us for a quick clarification if you are unsure of your Service center name. For NTNU, your service center name is the acronym of your Department, such as ntnu-ism, ntnu-idi etc.

Identify your Service center leader

Contact us for a quick clarification if you are unsure of your Service center leader. For NTNU, your service center leader is the Deputy head of Research (Nestleder forskning) of your Department.

Data space name

We recommend that you invest some time to identify a short and powerful name for your data space. Name recognition may help strengthen your scientific brand when you communicate with colleagues, collaborators and other interested parties.

Data space short name

We will use your Data space short name in communication with your team and when we communicate with your department and faculty. Abbreviation of centers, groups and labs are often used.

Data space full name

This is the official name that we will use in reports, invoices and similar.

Data space leader

This is the individual that is authorized to make decisions for all labs in the Data space and pay fees for the accrued costs under the Data space. Scientific center leaders and/or principal investigator do often hold this role.

Administrator roles

You have the option to list specific individuals as our point-of-contact for dialogues on agreements, data, technologies, training of new users and financial aspects. Leave this field BLANK if you would like the Data space leader to hold this role.

For larger center and groups, we see these roles as senior positions that administer and ensures a common practice for e.g. your data handling across your many labs and collaborations. Click here to read more about the different roles.

Subscription level

Subscription level

Your Data space subscription level decide the degrees of freedom for your scientists. Our services overview provides a summary of different features, the services specifications holds the detailed description, and the price list specify the yearly cost.

We recommend that you start with the free-of-charge WHITE subscription level if you are unsure of which level you should choose as you may easily upgrade this later. Contact us if you need guidance in your selection process.

Subscription length

You may choose 1 or 3 year subscription length. The cost of your subscription will be metered in full on your first invoice.


You need to get a signature from the Service center leader, typically by saving the PDF and forwarding it on email -after- you have completed the remaining pages, and then you need to get the signature of the Data space leader.

Great work! Now let's jump to the Invoice profile form.

Invoice profile decision support

The Invoice profile specify where accrued costs for you Data space and attached labs should be invoiced. You need at least one Invoice profile to get going.

Data space

Repeat the Data space short name and the Data space leader that you just stated above.

Invoice unit

Leave this blank as DATA SPACE is the default. You may register additional invoice profiles later if you want to separate lab costs in individual bills.

Invoice contact

This individual is our point of contact for practical aspects related to the billing, typical a financial officer at your department.

Invoice address (outside NTNU)

For organizations outside NTNU, specify the address where invoices are to be sent.

Account information (inside NTNU)

Specify "K.STED" and "PROJECT NUMBER" for your data space. These fields are mandatory for NTNU.

Billing information (outside NTNU)

  • PEPPOL BIS: This is the international identification number for your organization. Click this link (opens new window) to search for your id (opens a new window).
  • REFERENCE NUMBER: This is your order number with HUNT Cloud that ensures that the invoice is reaching you inside your organization. The format varies between organizations.

Pilot period

Leave this blank.

Free quota

Leave this blank.

Advance payment

You may make an advance payment to your invoice profile. The payment is applied to the accrued costs. If the payment is larger than the amount currently owed, it will reduce the next automatic charge. For clarification, a positive account balance due to advance payments will not be refunded at the end of services.

  • AMOUNT: This is the optional amount in NOK that will be payed at the initiation of the invoice profile.

Spending limit

You may add a monetary spending limit to your account.

  • LIMIT: If applicable, specify a maximum spending limit in NOK that can be consumed over the spending period (see below).
  • TYPE: For the soft and hard limit type, notifications will be sent to the Invoice Contact and Data Space Leader at consumption of approximately 50%, 90% and 100%. For the hard limit type, services will be temporarily deactivated if consumption exceeds the limit.
  • PERIOD: This is the period in days for which the limit is applied. The default is per ninety days.


Invoice profiles are signed by Account signatory. This is the individual that is authorized to operate the account information specified in the invoice profile on behalf of their organization, typically the Data space leader.

Co-signature from HUNT Cloud is required to effectuate i Pilot period and/or Free quota.

Great work! Now let's jump to the Lab order.

Lab order decision support

Data space

Repeat the Data space short name and the Data space leader that you just stated above.

Lab name

Invest some time to identify a cool, catchy or powerful name for your lab. This may help you strengthening your scientific brand. This will be visible for all your scientific collaborators. We use the name when we communicate with your lab colleagues.

  • Short name. This is the short name or abbreviation for your lab, similar to the Data space short name. We will use this name in day to day communication.
  • Full name. This is the full name of your new lab.

Lab leader ad lab coordinator

You need to identify one lab leader and one lab coordinator that will manage day-to-day activities in your lab, including adding new lab users and adjusting lab resources.

The lab leader and lab coordinator are our point of contact in the lab for dialogue and help, as well as the point of contact for your Data space administrator team.

The Data space leader may also be listed as a Lab leader. It is common to list a senior scientist that manages the day-to-day analytical activities in one of these roles.

Lawful processing

We use the Lab order to document activities in the lab on behalf of your host organization.

  • Ethical approval. If applicable, specify one to many ethical approvals that governs your processing.
  • Privacy justification. If applicable, specify the legal ground for the processing under GDPR, such as Article 6 or 9.
  • Purpose of the processing. If applicable, specify the purpose of the processing such as research, health service, innovation etc
  • Categories of data subjects. If applicable, specify the broad categories of data subjects such as research participants, patients etc.
  • Personal data content. If applicable, specify the personal data content included in the processing such as "self reported health information, genomics information, medical images, information from medical records" etc.


You need to get a signature from your Lab leader, typically by saving the PDF and forwarding it on email, and then add the signature of the Data space leader before you submit the final agreement to HUNT Cloud on email for Lab activation.

Contact us if you think we can provide additional guidance. We are more than happy to help!

# Order scientific access

First time scientific access:

HUNT Cloud Scientific Access Bundle (opens new window) (PDF)

Use this PDF to activate your first Data space and Lab in HUNT Cloud.


  1. Click on the PDF-link above: This file contains three order forms: a (i) Data space order, an (ii) invoice profile, and a (iii) Lab order.
  2. Fill out the needed information in your web-browser and save the PDF to your local computer.
  3. Send us the saved PDF as an attachment on email. Expect an email confirmation for the received order.

Allow for a few days in processing time from your order is sent until you can order onboard of your first lab user.

Next: Add your first lab user

It's important that your lab leader order lab access for each scientist (lab user) that will work in your lab as soon as you send us the PDF bundle above. Click on this link to get going.


See our Scientific access FAQ for frequently asked questions about scientific access to HUNT Cloud.

Last Updated: 5/27/2024