# Responsiveness

This page lists expected responsiveness from request to delivery for selected services under normal conditions. Ping us if things takes longer than expected.

For the record, we are a small team with tasks distributed among our members. We do expect our responsiveness and delivery times to increase during unplanned and planned leaves, holidays, high demand periods etc.


Contact us for immediate response if you expect ongoing data loss or unauthorized data exfiltration.

# Response times

This is the expected time from you send us a request and until we replay that we have registered your request.

  • Data disruption events. Immediate responses are to be expected for data disruption events.
  • Service disruption events. Rapid responses within the same working days are to be expected for disruption of available services.
  • Service desk orders. Automated response within the same working day are to be expected for predefined orders placed in our do science service desk, administer science service desk and govern science service desk.
  • Email requests. Expected response times for regular email requests in three to five working days.

# Delivery times

This is the expected time from we register your request and until we deliver your order.

Last Updated: 5/27/2024