# SSH passphrase reset in Workbench

This guide describes how to reset your SSH passphrase in Workbench.

Pilot phase

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Need a passphrase reset?

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# 1. Requirements

1.1 A running VPN connection to HUNT Cloud as described in our Configure your VPN guide.

1.2 An established connection to Workbench. If you have not used Workbench before, order your certificate here

# 2. Design a passphrase

# Create your own passphrase

You will need to update your SSH temporary key in the steps below. We prefer that you design a passphrase instead of a password. A passphrase is a series of words that creates a phrase. It should be:

  • long enough to be hard to guess
  • not a famous quotation from the literature (but could be pretty close)
  • hard to guess by intuition (even by someone who knows you well)
  • easy to remember

Oh, and, it should be unique to this site only (not to mention at least 12 characters long and include both lower and upper cases).

Making a good passphrase is great fun and good security hygiene. Here's one to get you going:

# Password management

Safest way for you to create a passphrase is to generate and store it using some of the recommended tools below:

KeePassXC (opens new window) and LastPass (opens new window) available on all common platforms.

Expected outcome

A unique passphrase of minimum 12 characters containing both lower and upper cases.

# 3. Reset your passphrase using Workbench

After you have successfully completed above steps, you can login to your Workbench using workbench link. You can find this link in your initial onboarding email in part Access link.

Cannot find your access link ?

Request reissue here



3.1 You should be welcomed by a following screen.

3.2 Type in your username and your temporary SSH passphrase.

3.3 Afterwards, you should be prompted for a passphrase change. Type in your temporary SSH key again, then your new passphrase which you created in previous steps.

Your password change will be confirmed by following screen.

3.4 You can login to workbench now with your new passphrase.

3.5 All finished ! You now have full access to your HUNT Workbench and its features.

# Troubleshooting


Last Updated: 6/17/2024