# Organizational access FAQ

This FAQ list commonly asked questions about organizational access to the scientific resources in HUNT Cloud.

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# Data processor agreement

# Can we use our own DPA template?

Yes. Your host organization may prefer to use their own data processing agreement (DPA) template. This is fine with us as long as the template is compliant with requirements set forth in GDPR and a set of security requirements that we are able to comply with. Note that this may need involvement from legal teams on both sides. Contact us for time estimates of such arrangements.

# Changes and negotiations

# Can I propose changes to your agreements?

Yes! We appreciate proposals on how to develop and improve our agreements. The templates we utilize today have evolved through dialogues and feedback from both scientists and lawyers from our member organizations. Note that we see such changes as cooperative improvements. Thus, adopted improvements will be made available to all member organizations in the cloud community.

# Can I negotiate changes to my agreements?

Maybe. We do allow elevation of security and privacy controls tailored for individual organizations or jurisdictions. We do not engage in bilateral bargaining with individual organizations for access to special resources, benefits or prices. We operate in a multilateral landscape where members from many organizations come together to advance digital explorations. Changes and improvements are seen as cooperative improvements and will be made available to all member organizations when adopted.

# Finance

# How much does the organizational access cost?

There is no direct cost for the unit that sign the agreements for organizational access. Costs for scientific access, such as subscriptions and resource consumption, are billed towards invoice profiles attached to data spaces and labs. That said, the signatory or the the service center agreement is formally responsible fro the cost accrued under its organizational unit. Contact us us for cost estimates of the planned scientific explorations within your organization.

# Private enterprises

# Can private enterprises request organizational access?

Yes. We provide solutions for private enterprises that need protection for population-based or patient-based data, including health registries, medical record data or own collections based on population sampling. Small and medium-sized enterprises get dedicated followup in our HUNT Cloud Enterprise program. Contact us us for information on our enterprise support.

Last Updated: 6/17/2024