# Services agreement

The services agreement regulates how cloud resources are controlled and billed across data spaces and labs. The aim of this agreement is to establish a unified way to control services and resources, and to simplify the establishments of data spaces and labs attached to the this agreement.

# About

The services agreement regulates conditions related to the use of our cloud services. This includes specifications of the services, support responsiveness and service levels. The agreement do also specify cost, metering and billing.

# Attachments

The following documents are attached to the agreement:

  • services specifications
  • service levels
  • price list
  • list of attached data spaces and labs
  • data space order template
  • lab order template
  • user agreement template
  • contact list

# Signatories

The services agreement is signed by the services center leader, your data controller and us. The signatory level depends on your organization. Services agreement may be signed on the same level as data processor agreements, data spaces or somewhere in between.

For NTNU, services agreements are signed by the Deputy Head of Department for Research. Our signatory will be the Head of HUNT Cloud at NTNU.

Last Updated: 4/25/2024