# FAQ Tingweek

This page lists frequently asked questions related to Tingweek.

# About the Tingweek

# Why Tings?

The inspiration to appoint time to meet at regular intervals in a layered structure is drawn from the Old Norse ting (opens new window) structures such as Frostating (opens new window) here in Trøndelag. The intention is to ensure regular discussions on how we can together elevate data for a better world, including feedback on how to best adapt and evolve the scientific toolbox of HUNT Cloud to better support your scientific journey.

# Is this an assembly?

No. Our tings are not the same as a general assembly (generalforsamling) with binding decisions. As of today, our tings are to be seen as a gathering of people that both champion and dream up ideas on how to best utilize data for a better world. HUNT Cloud is owned by NTNU which has the full financial and compliance responsibilities for our services.

# Participation

# Short on time, which Ting should I prioritize?

All where you are invited 😉 That said, we know science never sleeps, so if you are short on time and hold several roles and such receive several invitations: Here's a quick reminder of the scope of the different meetings to help you prioritize.

"Tingweek schedule"

You can read more about the different Tings in our main Tingweek page.

# How do I get my invitation?

Ting invitations, agenda and digital meeting links are forwarded on email a few weeks before the Tingweek. Dates will also be announced on these pages and on Slack.

# Where do we meet?

We will meet digitally on Zoom utilizing the NTNU subscription. Links will be forwarded on email and on Slack for the Labting and the data space ting.

# Lagtun

# I can not participate

If you are a ticket holder you may choose to attend your self or forward the invitation to a representative of your choice.

# I have not received my invitation

We forward invitations to email addresses that are registered in your Data controller agreement, Services center agreement and Data space agreement. Contact us if you expect to be an invitation recipient and have not received your ticket.

# Can I get the invitation as a calendar booking

Yes. Contact us if you would like to receive your Lagtun invitation as a calendar booking.

# I can only participate for one hour

Perfectly fine with us. If you are interested in the resolutions, we recommend that you prioritize the first hour (9-10 am) where we aim to complete most of the structured agenda. If you are interested in unstructured discussion, then we recommend that you prioritize the last hour (10-11 am).

# About the Lagtun name

We know, Lagtun is difficult to pronounce in English. However, in Norwegian it is a word with several meanings that we think capture the soul of this Ting.

First, Lag means "law" In Old Norse. This meaning is included in the last part of the name of our region, Trøndelag, which means the law of the Trønders. In addition, "lag" means "team" in modern Norwegian, reflecting the collaborative nature of the ting.

The second part, tun is also an Old Norse word for a fenced in area, usually around a collection of farm houses, much like you're fenced in lab machines. Also relevant, the old tings were held on fenced in tuns where the Vikings had to leave all weapons by the fence before they entered the ting.

Last Updated: 7/16/2024