# Service desk orders for service centers

This page list predefined service orders for service centers. To place an order, click the blue button and send us a pre-filled email.

Save time

It saves you time to send us the request from your organizational email. We use this for identification, and request from private emails need additional verification that takes longer.

Send us a regular email with your request if you can't find what you are looking for on the this page.

# Data space management

# New data space

Click the button below to order a new data space under your existing service center.

# Tingweek

# Update Lagtun representative

Lagtun is the body that appoints time to govern the scientific developments of HUNT Cloud. Lagtun members may appoint representatives that receive invitations and meeting information on behalf of their organization.

  • Who can order: Data controller administrators, Service center administrators, Data space leaders and compliance administrators on the BLUE subscription level.
  • Required attachment: None.
  • Expected delivery time: Days.
  • Cost: None.

# Deregister to future Tingweek invitations

All active HUNT Cloud users will be invited to individual Tings three times per year during our Tingweeks. Participation is voluntary and you can deregister to receive future invitations here.

  • Who can order: All service center administrators.
  • Expected delivery time: Days.
  • Expected response time: Confirmation of deregistration.
  • Cost: Included in your data space subscription.
Last Updated: 5/27/2024